Remote Training & Support

Remote support allows Job seekers and Benefit claimant enquirers to find the information they seek and obtain guidance at home or other suitable locations. There are several different options But Team Viewer is FREE and we can show the Benefit to client and trainer .


The Purpose of the Videos is to discover how a client can benefit from Remote Support

  1. How a client can benefit from Remote Support, Advice and Guidance
  2. Discover information that they can return to and ask questions about the
    information they are being provided with
  3. Client and Provider can Jointly look and discuss action required and
    review progress and needs
  4. The Videos show the Experience from both computers at the same time and
    how both sides see the same process
  5. The differences between the views


Remote computer-Trainee or Client

Can take control or disconnect when they wish

  • Share with their Adviser what they know  and what they need to know
  • Can engage and chat with Adviser. Protect their privacy and learn as you progress


The Facilitator-Adviser or Guide

  • The Adviser is able to see both screens
  • The Adviser can take over from the client as well as has both chat boxes on
  • Can engage by chat or speak to the client assessing the need and
  • If there are issues at the Advisers computer the client does not see the
  •  The Adviser can see his own screen
  • If the client requires the adviser can see some technical issues at the client end