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This book has been promoted on Facebook 125 pages with short informative chapters Including Self marketing & social media

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James Reed is the head of REED Recruitment so understands the key information that is required

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Top 10 recruitment websites from a mobile phone

In a series of mobile video recordings I look at the top 10 recruitment websites in the UK Many Job seekers search for work on a mobile phone , So this series of videos looks at the Recruitment Ap’s Why Ap’s. You are most likely to visit job leads through the Aps. Your most likely…

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Universal Credit Updated

Universal Credit role out has had a bumpy ride. In tonight’s Panorama, we saw the impact on the Housing component of Universal Credit The Housing benefit has been integrated into Universal Credit with the expectancy that the individual will deal with the component themselves even if there is a delay in payment. The Landlord Portal…

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Top 10 recruitment sites accessed from a mobile

You can see well known names featured here and a series of videos on #Recruitment sites have been created

Promises struggling with Unemployment

Promises for Those Struggling with Unemployment Promises are crucial If you are unemployed, there‚Äôs nothing more important than faith. In the Bible, faith means trusting all that God promises to be to us in Christ Jesus. So if you are going to have faith, one of the most crucial steps is to understand the promises…

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