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Job Search Ap’s

I have undertaken some research this evening into Youtube videos on Jobsearch ap’s These are the current ap’s suitable for Android and iPhone . The interesting angle is that most of the videos are some years old and with the advancement in technology the chances are the videos will not be accurate…The software updates will have required the Ap’s to be updated


Youtube and mature videos

It’s been identified that the Recruitment companies see phone applications as the leading area to develop for attracting talent for U.K companies. However, one of the key search engines Youtube provides video tutorials on applications that have now changed considerably.

Why there is a need for up to date Job search software Videos

There is a need for these videos to be current because Job seekers are encouraged to use the ap’s to find Jobs. Companies want to attract the best talent and the individual Job seeker wants to ensure they are use correct and up to date application on their phone.

Concern for safety 

We are advised regularly to ensure our information is kept safely online. So, if a job ap advert isn’t providing the same direction as the product itself does that create concern?

Out of date

Most of the Applications are over a year old. My phone has had 2 software updates during that period. The updates often provide updates on the software that I use most regularly. Therefore I would suggest that most of the Job Recruitment Application videos are out of date.

Why have I looked at this

I am currently looking at Job Application process and developing online training for Job seekers. If you would like to know more about what I am undertaking and researching please message me

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admin • August 30, 2016

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