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CJSS was set up in 2008  to support U.K Job Seekers  who’s support was not being met by JobCentre plus

We look to support and assist all U.K Job seekers by providing resources and support that will assist Job Seekers in their Job Search.

You can be employed and still make use of the site whilst you look for your next Job.

The JobSearch process has changed considerably since CJSS was set up. We have adapted to reflect this

    fristrationWe also recognize the challenge faced by those who are in Jobs that they wish they could leave. This may be due to the hours, distance, pay or other challenges.

Most of us fear change and the unknown and with there was someone that we could engage with for support.

For many of us time constraints are an issue as we juggle family and work life along with our search for our future employment.




We are looking at providing support where it’s need in a practical way